About VIVA

The foundation was formed to provide educational support and opportunities, and to promote the public good by conducting programs aim at empowering the members of the Hispanic and other minority communities in the state of Washington.

The Foundation will conduct and sponsor programs such as "job shadowing" and mentoring programs, intended to provide opportunities for students and unemployed individuals to "shadow" members of the work force to gain workplace experience, professional knowledge and connections that will assist them in identifying employment opportunities and obtaining livable wage employment. The Foundation also will partnership with local and national corporations to identify job opportunities and employee training needs for the minority communities. The Foundation also intends to conduct and sponsor activities, such as workplace diversity workshops, to eliminate workplace discrimination and prejudice and further equal access to opportunity.

The Foundation will support minority students in the State of Washington through educational scholarships. The scholarship aid will enable qualifying students to attend two-and four-year colleges, technical and vocational schools, and/or advanced degree or graduate programs. The number of scholarships awarded each year may vary from year to year depending upon the number of qualified applicants and upon the amount that the Foundation has available for distribution each year, as determined by the Foundation's Board of Directors.

The Foundation will obtain funding to conduct research to identify the housing employment, educational and other needs of the Hispanic and other minority communities in the State of Washington. The Foundation will publish and make available the results of such studies, particularly to government officials and agencies concerned with issues affecting these communities.

Finally, the Foundation may make gift and contributions to other organizations that have been recognize as being exempt from federal income taxation and conduct activities that are consistent with the purposes of the Foundation. The number of charitable and educational organizations that will receive gifts or contributions from the Foundation may vary from year to year depending upon the number of qualifying organizations requesting support and the amount of fund the foundation has available for distribution.